Fee Schedule

Prices effective July 1, 2023 through June 30, 2024. Contact the Laboratory Supervisor for more information.

Method Fee
Alkalinity (total as calcium carbonate) Electrometric titration to pH 4.5 17.00
Anions; chloride, sulfate (fluoride and bromide also available; nitrate and phosphorus for some matrices) Ion Chromatography 27.00 first ion, 7.00 each additional
Color (visual comparison) Color Kit 5.00
Conductivity Wheatstone Bridge 15.00
pH Glass electrode 11.00
Silicon (Si) Molybdate 22.00
Turbidity Turbidimeter 15.00
Dissolved or Total Inorganic Carbon Sparge-Infrared 23.00
Dissolved or Total Organic Carbon Combustion-Infrared 23.00
Calcium Atomic Absorption Spectrometry 18.00
Magnesium Atomic Absorption Spectrometry 18.00
Potassium Atomic Absorption Spectrometry 18.00
Sodium Atomic Absorption Spectrometry 18.00
Ammonia (NH3-N) Salicylate 22.00
Nitrate & Nitrite (NO2-N + NO3-N) Cadmium reduction 22.00
Nitrite (NO2-N) Diazotization 23.00
Total Dissolved Nitrogen Persulfate Digestion 32.00
Total Nitrogen Persulfate Digestion 32.00
OrthoPhosphorus (PO4-P) Ascorbic Acid 22.00
Total Dissolved Phosphorus Persulfate Digestion 32.00
Total Phosphorus Persulfate Digestion 32.00
Dissolved and/or Total Total filtrable residue 22.00
Suspended Total nonfiltrable residue 19.00
Database Services
Method Fee
Annual Summary 35.00/year
Hardness Calculation of Ca & Mg 2.00
Ion Balance Calculation 1.50
Laboratory Services
Method Fee
Bottle cleaning (double fee for new bottles) Acid with 1.0 N HC1 4.00 ea
Carboy cleaning (rewash/new) Acid with 1.0 N HC1 7.00/16.00
Charge for laboratory services 90.00/hr
Filtering (<= 2 liters) GF/F filter paper 23.00
Filters, prewashed (47mm/90mm) GF/F or GF/C filter paper 3.00/6.00